Mines & Geology

Role & Functionality of Dept.:

The functions of the office of the Asst. Director of Mines and Geology is promoting Mineral regulatory work and development in Krishna District with in the purview of APMMC Rules, 1966 in case of Minor Mineral and M.C.Rules, 1960 and MM(D&R) Act, 1957 and other rules.  This office is receiving applications both for Major and Minor Minerals and after conducting due inspection necessary proposals in respect of Major Minerals are sent to the Director of Mines and Geology, Hyderabad and in respect of Minor Minerals to the Dy. Director of Mines and Geology.  The applicants are given guidance as to the availability of Minerals and the methods of economic mining and feasibility of the areas for economic exploration.  Recently this office is encouraging new entrepreneurs for filing of Granite applications in the District, Prospecting License for Granite was granted and another some quarry lease for Granite recommended for grant recommended  for Granite quarry lease.  If the material clicks in the matter, there is a possibility of Granite Industry becoming in the District.  As part of duty this office is executing the leases granted both under M.C.Rules, 1960 and APMMC rules, 1966 by collecting Advance Dead Rents, Security Deposit amounts and necessary registration charges etc.  The Mining Leases after execution are sent for registration and after registration are allowed for conducting Mining operations.

The Technical staff of this office are inspecting the applied areas of Mineral concession for both Major and Minor Minerals and also conducting regular inspections and surprise visits to curb the illicit activity and transportation of Minerals.
The entire Krishna District has been bifurcated as Krishna – I & Krishna – II offices with the Head Quarters Vijayawada & Nandigama respectively from  01-04-2003 out of 50 Mandals in the District, 43 Mandals are under the Jurisdiction of Krishna – I (Vijayawada) and 07 Mandals are under the Jurisdiction of Krishna –II (Nandigama) office.

The main Minerals available in the District are :
Lime Stone Limestone deposits are available at Jaggayyapeta mandal.
Iron Ore Iron Ore deposits are available at Jaggayyapeta mandal.
Granite Colour granite deposits are available at A.Konduru, Gampalagudem  and  veerulapadu Mandals and Black Granite deposits are available at Jaggayyapeta mandal.
Road Metal The (Archaean rocks) charnockites useful as Road Metals and Railway Ballast are available abundantly at Ibrahimpatnam, G.Konduru, A.Konduru, Kanchikacherla, Jaggayyapeta and Chandarlapadu Mandals.  Basing on the availability of this Mineral, a number of stone crushers have been established.
Building Stone & Gravel Building stone from Khondalites and Gollapalli sandstone and  Gravel derived from  weathering of Khondalites are available at Gannavaram, Bapulapadu, Agiripalli, Nuzved, Vijayawada (Rural) Mandals.
Quartz Quartz occurs  in vein  form in the northern Mandals of the District  namely A.Konduru, Tiruvuru and  Vissannapeta.
Sand The ordinary sand (River Sand) is available in River, Krishna and it is tributaries like Nunneru, Wyra.  The Mandals covered by the Sand Reaches are Nagayalanka, Pamidimukkala, Kankipadu, Ghantasala, Challapalli, Mopidevi, Avanigadda, Thotlavalluru, Penamaluru, Nandigama, Penuganchiprolu, Vatsavai, Chandarlapadu & Kanchikacherla.


Department is entrusted with both promotional and regulatory functions for overall development of Mineral Sector.
The following are the key activities taken up by the Department.

  • Receipt & processing of Mineral Concession applications.
  • Mineral Revenue Collection.
  • Inspection of Mines & Quarries.
  • Curbing of illicit Mining and Transportation.
  • Promotion of Mineral Based Industry.
  • Monitoring of Mineral Production.
  • Preparation of Mining Plans and obtain E.C for Sand Reaches and Co-ordination with various Departments to dissemination of Sand information.
  • Collection of Income Tax from the lease holders as T.D.S and filing I.T. Returns.
  • Member Convener of District Level Sand Committee.
  • Member Convener of District Mineral Foundation Trust.
  • Mineral Investigation & explorations.


Organogram- Mines & Geology


ADM&G, Vijayawada:

Operational in 43 Mandals

1 Vijayawada Urban 16 Mylavaram 31 Mandavalli
2 Machilipatnam 17 Pedana 32 A.Konduru
3 Penamaluru 18 Mudinepalli 33 Nagayalanka
4 Gudivada 19 Agiripalli 34 Unguturu
5 Vijayawada Rural 20 Vissannapet 35 Bantumilli
6 Nuzvid 21 G.Konduru 36 Reddigudem
7 Ibrahimpatnam 22 Musunuru 37 Koduru
8 Gannavaram 23 Pamarru 38 Avanigadda
9 Bapulapadu 24 Pamidimukkala 39 Ghantasala
10 Kaikaluru 25 Challapalli 40 Thotlavalluru
11 Tiruvuru 26 Chatrai 41 Nandivada
12 Vuyyuru 27 Movva 42 Mopidevi
13 Gampalagudem 28 Gudlavalleru 43 Pedaparapudi
14 Kalidindi 29 Guduru
15 Kankipadu 30 Kruthivennu

ADM&G, Nandigama:

Operational in 7 Mandals

1 Nandigama
2 Vatsavai
3 Veerullapadu
4 Kanchikacherla
5 Chandarlapadu
6 Penuganchiprolu
7 Jaggaiah peta


The Government has decided to undertake Sand quarrying and supply of Sand to the public by appointing M/s APMDC Ltd. as an agent to operate on behalf of Government in order to achieve the objectives of sustainable sand mining, compliance to environmental regulations, ensuring affordable prices of sand and raising valuable public revenues to the State Exchequer.

Sl.No Designation / Place of working Contact No. Mail address
1 Deputy Director of Mines & Geology, Krishna, Vijayawada 9100688838 ddmgkrishna[at]gmail[dot]com
2 Assistant Director of Mines & Geology, Vijayawada 9100688838 advijayawada16[at]gmail[dot]com
3 Assistant Director of Mines & Geology, Nandigama 9100688829 admgnandigama009[at]gmail[dot]com
Important Links:
Sl.No Scheme Website address
1 Mines and Geology Department information mines.ap.gov.in
2 Sand Booking sand.ap.gov.in