Irrigation Circle

Introduction :

The District is named as Krishna District after the holy River Krishna and which is situated between 15° 43’ – 00” & 17° 10’ -00” Northern latitude and 80° 00’-00” & 81° 33’-00” in Eastern latitude. Krishna District lies in the Krishna River basin (45%), Budameru basin (2.67%), Thammileru basin (3.3%) and Ramileru basin (2.67%). The tributaries of Krishna River flowing in the District are Paleru and Muniyeru Rivers.

The total geographical area of Krishna District is 21,56,442 Acres and irrigable area of 14,35,514 Acres. In which 13,71,740 acres have been brought under irrigation under various sources.

The District is developed agriculturally due to the irrigation canals from Prakasam Barrage constructed on the river Krishna near Vijayawada.

Kolleru Lake is one of the India’s largest island shallow fresh water lake lies partly within the District(only 2 mandals).