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Model Project Profiles Under MSME

S.No Name of the Project
1Acid Slurry
2Activated Carbon
3Activated Charcoal
4Aluminium Chloride
5Aluminium Hydroxide Gel
6Aluminium Sulphate
7Ammonium Chloride
8Animal Glue
9Ayurvedic Medicines
10Barium Chloride
11Barium Nitrate
13Butyl Titanate
15Calcium Carbonate
16Calcium Choride
17Calcium Gluconate
18Calcium Sulphate (Plaster Of Paris)
20Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
21Chlorinated Paraffin Wax
22Chrome Oxide
23Coextruded Multilayer Film
24Coir Pith
25Copper Sulphate
26Davana Oil
27Dehydrated Castor Oil
28Detergent Powder And Cake
29Diethyl Sulphate
30Epoxy Resins
32Gallic Acid
33Hydrogenated Castor Oil
34Iodised Salt
35Jasmine Concrete
36K Acid
37Magnesium Sulphate
39Microcrystalline Wax
40Modified Starch
41Natural Indigo
42Neem Based Pesticide
44Particle Board
45Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
46Poly Aluminium Chloride
47Polyethylene Wax
48Potassium Chlorate
49Potassium Iodide
50Prawn Feed
51Precipitated Silica
52Printing Ink
53Rubberised Coir
54Salicylic Acid
55Sebacic Acid
56Silica Gel
57Sodium Chlorate
58Sulphur Dust
59Sulphur Hexa Fluoride
61Wheat Gluten
62Xanthate Chemicals
64Aluminium Vessels And Utensils
65Aluminium Circles From Scrap
66Aluminium Tower Bolts And Hinges
68Automobile Gaskets
69Automobile Leaf Springs
70Brake Linings
71Clutch Plates
72Electro Coating
73Enamelled Copper Wires
74Fly Wheel Ring Gears
75Hacksaw Blades
76Hand Tools
77Hose Clips
78King Pins & Shackle Pins
79Non-Stick Cookwares
80Screws, Nuts And Knobs
81Paper Pins-Bell Pins
82Pilfer Proof Caps
83Slotted Angles
84Stainless Steel Cutlery
85Stainless Steel Vessels
86Staple Pins And Gem Clips
87Tie-Rod End Assembly And Gear Shafts
89Weighing Machines
90Welding Electrode
91Wood Screws
92Dried Mango Powder
93Amla Syrup
94Aseptic Packaging Of Fruit Pulps And Purees
95Baby Doughnuts
96Banana Chips
97Betel Nuts
99Blended Spices
100Bread And Buns
101Bubble Gum
102Cultivation Of Button Mushrooms
103Cashew Apple Processing
104Cashew Snacks
105Cattle Feed
106Chaat Masalas
109Cold Storage
110Crude Edible Oil By Expeller Process
111Dehydrated Drumstick Powder
112Dehydrated Fruits
113Dehydrated Vegetables And Powders
114Desiccated Coconut
115Dhal Mill
116Digestive Candies
117Dried Oyster Mushrooms
118Enrobed Chocolates
119Extruded Energy Food
120Extruded Puffed Snacks
121Flaked Cereals
122Fried Noodles
123Fried Snacks
124Ginger Tidbits
125Hard-Boiled Candies
126Ice Creams
128Individual Quick Freezing Of Fruits And Vegetables
129Instant Mixes
132Mango And Tomato Purees
133Masala Peanuts
134Mineral Water
135Mixed Nut Snacks
136Noodles And Macaroni
139Pickles - Tender Mango And Lime
140Potato Chips
141Processing Of Jack Fruit
142Puffed Rice
143Rectified Spirit From Sugarcane Juice
144Rice Ada And Prathaman
145Rice Crispies
146Roasted Energy Food
147Soft Toffee
148Softy Ice Creams
149Soya Tofu
150Soya Sauce
152Spray Dried Coconut Cream Powder
154Sugar Coated Nuts
155Sweet Chutneys And Murabbas
156Sweet Curd And Buttermilk
157Sweet Saunf
158Tamarind Paste
159Tamarind Powder
160Tamarind Seed Powder
161Tapioca Chips
162Texturised Soya Nuggets
163Tomato Sauce And Ketchup
164Tutti Frutti
165Vegetable Taste Makers
166Vermicelli Or Semia
167Vettals, Vadams And Gelatinised Snacks
168Wheat Roller Flour Mill
169Plantation And Extraction Of Amla
170Plantation And Extraction Of Aswagandha
171Fairness Cream
172Plantation And Extraction Of Guggu
173Profile On Herbal Cosmetics
174Profile On Herbal Extract
175Profile On Herbal Hair Oil
176Profile On Herbal Shampoo
177Herbal Shikkai
178Herbal Soaps
179Jojoba Oil
180Nannari Herbal Syrup
181Natural Vanilla
183Plantation And Extraction Ofsafed Musli
184Calcium Sennoside
185Profile On Herbal Vallarai Tonic
186Business Process Out Sourcing (Bpo)
187Call Centre
188Computer Software
189Computer Continuous Stationery Printing
190Computer Data Entry
191Computer Based Tutorial
192Dtp (Desktop Publishing)
193Internet Booth
194Dehulled Sunflower Seeds
195Dhal Mill
196Mini Oil Mill
197Rice Mill
198Turmeric And Kum Kum Powder
199Turmeric : Curing & Polishing
201Artificial Flowers
202Autoloom Fabrics
203Beauty Parlour
207Camphor Tablets
208Card Board Boxes
209Chalk Crayons
210Cleaning Powder
211Coconut Shell Powder
212Computer Sambrani (Dhoop)
213Conventional Bricks
214Electronic Fan Regulators
215Electrical Switches, Sockets & Plugs
216Export Garments (Stitching)
217Fertilizer Mixture
218Handmade Paper
219Knitted Garments
220Leather Garments
221Liquid Blue
222Liquid Soap
223Mini Paper Plant
224Mirror Manufacturing
225Mosquito Repellent Coils & Mats
226Note Books
227Air Bubble Packaging
228Aluminium Cans
229Bopp Self Adhesive Tapes
230Corrugated Boxes
231Jute Bags (Shoppers Bags)
232Laminated Flexible Packaging
233Paper Bags And Pouches
234Thermocole Packaging(Expanded Polystyrene Foam Moulding)
235Abs Injection Moulded Items
236Acrylic Buttons
237Automatic Injection Moulded Industrial Components
238Blow Moulded Containers
239Co-Extruded Multilayer Films
240Compression Moulded Plastic Goods
241Disposable Cups And Plates
242Disposable Syringes
243Fevicol Type Adhesive
244Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Products
245Fishnet Ropes
246Hdpe Mono Filament Yarn
247Hm Hdpe Films And Bags
248Plastic Collapsible Tubes
249Plastic Combs
250Plastic Crates
251Plastic Crockery
252Plastic Toothpicks
253Plastic Bottles Caps
254Plastic Doors
255Plastic Spectacle Frames
256Propylene Film
257Pp/Hdpe Woven Sacks
258Poly Propyelne Drinking Straws
259Ptfe (Teflon) Industrial Products
260Pvc Compounds
261Pvc Insulation Tapes
262Pvc Pipe Fittings
263Recycling Of Pet (Pet Plakes)
264Reprocessing Of Plastics
265Rigid Pvc Pipes
266Polyethylene Tarpaulins
267Water Storage Tanks(Roto Moulded Tanks)
268Automobiles Floor Mats
269Automobile Rubber
270Elastic Tapes
271Hard Rubber Battery Containers
272Hospital & Industrial Sheetings
273Latex Gloves
274Microcellular Rubber Sheets
275Moulded Rubber Goods
276Pressure Cooker Gaskets
277Radiator Hoses
278Ambulance Service
279Automobile Servicing Station
280Book Lending Library
281Call Taxis
282Creche / Baby Sitting Centre
283Departmental Stores (Mini Super Markets)
284Fast Food Parlour
286Medical Diagnostic Centre
287Old Age Home
288Tiffin Supply Centre
289Travel Agency