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General Elections 2014 Downloads

Sno Date Reference No Subject
140 24-05-2014 Rc.No.H1/2014 Sample Notice to Contesting Candidates for lodging of accounts with the DEO
139 21-05-2014 Rc.No.H1/592/2014 Payment of Remuneration - TA DA
138 19-05-2014 Rc.820B/2014-3 Additional Budget Under Various Heads Released by CEO,AP,Hyderabad
134 16-05-2014 DEO Form 21 C Telugu
133 15-05-2014
Assertaining the Restult by using PADU AND BU
132 15-05-2014
Use of Both PADU and BU for Assertaining_results
131 15-05-2014
Counting of Votes-Ascertaining result from the Upgraded post-2006 EVMs
130 15-05-2014
ECI Instructions-Malfunctioning of EVMs/Non Pressing of Close button during counting of Votes
129 15-05-2014
Latest Instructions on Counting
128 15-05-2014
Convening the meeting with contesting candidates and Election Agents
127 15-05-2014 DEO Attendance for Counting Staff Training Class
126 15-05-2014 DEO Aquittance for Counting Staff
124 14-05-2014 DEO Counting Observers Deployed to Krishna District for G.E-2014  
123 13-05-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Meeting Notice-21:Training Class on arrangements conducted by General Observers  
122 13-05-2014 Mem.No.217/Elecs.F/2014-40 ECI INSTRUCTIONS ON COUNTING  
121 11-05-2014 Rc.H1/823/2014 Shifting of EVM's from Nalgonda District-request to provide police escort to the vehicle carrying EVM's  
120 11-05-2014 Rc. CC No. 144/ VJA/ 2014 Repoll Instructions  
119 09-05-2014 N I C Instructions And Procedure For Counting Of Votes  
118 09-05-2014 N I C Genesys PPT For PC Counting Process  
117 09-05-2014 N I C Genesys PPT For AC Counting Process  
116 08-05-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Meeting Notice-20:Video Conference of District Election Authority  
115 07-05-2014 DEO Discontinuance of Flying Squad,Static Surveillance Team and reporting by Police Dept.,Excise Dept.,and IT Dept., etc.
114 06-05-2014 DEO Focused Tracking of Pollday Events through dedicated teams
113 06-05-2014 DEO Strong Room Compliance Certificate
112 06-05-2014 DEO Particulars of Staff deputed for Monitoring the situation of Poll with the Sector Officers for HOP/APLA
111 06-05-2014 DEO Format for Feedback of Micro Observers
110 05-05-2014 DEO Constituency wise Webcasting Engineers list
109 05-05-2014 DEO Action Plan for Enabling Web Casting  
108 05-05-2014 Fax.Msg.No.5704/Elecs.F/2014-11 Pollday Reports-CEO Office FAX Numbers
107 04-05-2014 Meeting of DEO Meeting Notice-19: Video Conference of District Election Officer & Collector,Krishna
106 04-05-2014 Ref.H1/M/821/2014 Local Holiday Proceedings and Letter to Dy.Commissioner,Labour And Inspector of Factories,VJA
105 04-05-2014   16-Column Additional Report to Observers
104 03-05-2014 Rc.H1(B)/820/2014 Remunaration Circular_on_Polling_Personel
103 03-05-2014 Deployment of APSRTC Vehicles
102 03-05-2014 Memo.No.1572/Elecs.C/A1/2014-1 Payment of Remuneration/Honorarium to Polling Personnel of ECI guidelines and Circulars
101 03-05-2014 Rc.H1/99/2014 Circular Instructions on Material arrangement to Distribution and Reception Centers
100 03-05-2014 Meeting of DEO Meeting Notice-18:Mandatory Meeting with all Returning Officers
99 02-05-2014 N I C Election SMS Pollday and Vehicle Tracking System Software Help Files
98 02-05-2014 Rc.CC.No.138/VJA/2014 Invitation to Walk for Vote
97 02-05-2014 CC.No.138/VJA/2014 Assembly Constituency wise BSNL Coordinating Officers List for Webcasting  
96 01-05-2014 Mem.No.8137/Elecs.B1/D/2014-1 Video Conference with CEO/Addl.CEO/Jt.DEO..etc
95 01-05-2014 Mem.No.5989/Elecs.C/A1/2014-1 Settlement of DC Bills for amount drawn on AC Bills Instructions of CEO,AP.,Hyderabad Communicated
94 01-05-2014 Rc.CC.Vja/135/2014 Use of Vehicle Tracking System
93 01-05-2014 G.O.Ms.No.121 Uniform Hire Charges on Elections
92 01-05-2014 Ref.H1/821/2014 Dry day General Elections Proceedings
91 30-04-2014   Checklist of Verification & Certification of EVMs for Assembly and PC
90 29-04-2014   Training Material for OPO's
89 29-04-2014 CC.133/VJA/2014 Press release-Special casual leave on 8th May,2014 for PO/APOs
88 28-04-2014 Rc.H1/592/2014 Appointment of Substitute (FS) in 190-Gannavaram Assembly Constituency
87 28-04-2014 CC.127/VJA/2014 Formate II Master Register of Poling Sations
86 28-04-2014   Proforma for ASD list
85 27-04-2014 Rc.H1.1076/2014 Appointment of AROs to the EVM Strong Rooms
84 26-04-2014 Rc.H1/821/2014 Allocation of Postal Ballot Papers
83 26-04-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Training for RO/AROs(HQ only) on Preparation of EVMs etc.
82 26-04-2014 Rc.43/1243/2014 Elections additional temporary staff posting orders
81 26-04-2014 Mem.No.1572/Elecs.C/A1/2014-1 Fixing Uniform rate of remuneration to the Officers/Officials deployed on election durty
80 25-04-2014 Rc.H1/1102/2014, Dt.12/04/2014 Master Trainees (EVM Resource Persons)
79 25-04-2014 Rc.H1(B)/820/2014 Minutes of the VC convened by the DEO with all the Constituency Head Quarter A.R.Os held on 24-04-2014
78 25-04-2014 Rc.H1/826/2014 Verification of Election Expenditure prevailing rates/tarifs on various itesm being used during elections by the polical parties
77 24-04-2014 Rc.H1/823/2014 Scheduled for Distribution of EVMs to Constituencies
76 24-04-2014 Rc.H1/1102/2014 PO/APOs 2nd Training Class Venues at Vijayawada
75 23-04-2014 Rc.H1/1102/2014 Letter for OPOs Venues for Conduct of Training
74 22-04-2014 F.No.56/Symbol/2014/PPS-II/Vol.IX, Dt.14-03-2014 SYMBOL ALLOTMENT LATEST INSTRUCTIONS
73 22-04-2014 Rc.H1/99/2014 Distribution and Reception Centres
72 22-04-2014 Rc.H1(B)820/2014 Addl.Budget alloted to Constituency A.R.Os/A.E.R.Os
71 19-04-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Meeting with General Observers on all aspects of Poll Preparedness
69 17-04-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Video Conference with Returning Officers and EROs..etc
68 17-04-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Meeting with Joint Collector, Sub-Collector,Nuzvid etc., on Webcasting
67 15-04-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Video Conference with Returning Officers & EROs etc..
66 14-04-2014 Rc.H1/1029/2014 Tender Notice for Photo Voter Slips  
65 13-04-2014 Fax Msg.No.Rc.H1(B)/820/2014 Arrival of Expenditure Observers-Intimation  
64 12-04-2014 Mem.No.3242/Elecs.B/A2/2014-6, Dt.05-04-2014 Model Code of Conduct - Instructions regarding Single Window System for Public Meetings/Rallies...etc.  
63 12-04-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Video Conference with Returning Officers and All Asst.Returning Officers  
62 11-04-2014 Fax Msg.No.Rc.H1(B)/820/2014 Arrival of Expenditure Observers-Intimation  
61 11-04-2014 EVM Resource Persons for 1st Training Class for POs/APOs-13-04-2014  
60 10-04-2014 Memo.NO.725/Elecs.D/A2/2014-41 Dt.30-03-2014 ECI APPROVED ELECTION SYMBOLS CHART  
59 10-04-2014 Fax Message NO.3732/Elecs.F/2014-6 Dt.08-04-2014 POLITICAL PARTIES SYMBOLS & FREE SYMBOLS LIST(English & Telugu Versions)  
58 10-04-2014 Memo.NO.144/Elecs.F/2014-12 Dt.19-03-2014 POLITICAL PARTIES NAMES AND SYMBOLS LIST  
57 08-04-2014 Rc.H1/1102/2014 Circular Instructions on 1st Training Class for POs/APOs on 13.04.2014  
56 05-04-2014 Rc.H1.618/2014 Observers Deployed to Krishna District General Elections-2014 from 19-04-2014 to 16-05-2014  
55 05-04-2014 Rc.H1.618/2014 Partial Modification Orders and Instructions  
54 05-04-2014 Rc.H1/821/2014 Postal Ballot Incharge Officers  
53 05-04-2014 Memo No.2032/Elecs.D/A1/2014-1 LIST OF DISQUALIFIED PERSONS  
52 04-04-2014 Rc.H1(B)/820/2014 Utilisation of funds and further requirement of funds  
51 03-04-2014 Mem.No.3350/Elecs.D/A2/2014-3 Application of Indelible Ink to the Electors 
50 03-04-2014   Genesys data entry user manual  
49 02-04-2014 Rc.H1/98/2014 Supply of Covers and Election Material 
48 02-04-2014 Memo.No.Rc.H1(B)/820/2014 Communication Systems not functioning properly certain instructions to Tahsildars and AOs of Divisional Offices 
47 02-04-2014 Rc.H1.587/2014 The Nodal Officers appointed for Live Webcasting and providing of Basic Minimum Facilities at Polling Stations 
46 02-04-2014 Meeting Notice of DEO Workshop/Write shop with ROs of A/Cs and AROs(Head quarter AROs) 
45 31-03-2014            C E O HOP/APLA Election-2014 Statutory Reports and Returns 
44 30-03-2014 Rc.H1/1076/2014 Letter to Returing Officers on Counting Centres Proposals 
43 30-03-2014 Rc.H1/1381/2013 Approved List of BLO Changes 
42 28-03-2014 Fax No.3732/ELEC.F/2014-1 Guidelines for Nominations 
41 28-03-2014 Rc.H1/951/2014 of DEO Preparation of Error Free Electoral Roll-Instructions-Reiterated  
40 28-03-2014 Meeting Notice-9 of DEO Video Conference of Election Commission of India  
39 27-03-2014 Rc.H1.99/2014 of DEO The instructions issued with regard to Distribution , Reception and Counting Centers is enclosed herewith for taking immediate and necessary Action  
38 26-03-2014 Meeting Notice-7 of DEO Video Conference of Chief Electoral Officer, AP-Hyderabad.   
37 24-03-2014 Meeting Notirce-6 of DEO Review Meeting of Chief Electoral Officer, AP-Hyderabad on 25.03.2014 at 7.00 pm.   
36 24-03-2014   Election Monitoring Dashboard   
35 23-03-2014 Rc.H1(B)820/2014 Allotment of funds to Const. A.E.R.Os towards Data entry charges - Orders  
34 23-03-2014 Rc.H1(B)820/2014 Purchase of Polling Station material from Vijaya Krishna Super Bazar, VJA - Orders
33 22-03-2014  DEO The minutes of video conference held on 21.03.2014
32 22-03-2014 Meeting Notice-5 of DEO Meeting on Illegal Distribution of liquor during Elections
31 21-03-2014 No.464/INST-VS/2014-EPS of ECI Distribution of Photo Voter Slips to the Electors by BLOs  
30 21-03-2014 No.464/INST/2014-EPS OF ECI Instructions-Multiple Measures to keep a watch on Ploing process at Poling Stations to ensure free and fair elections-Micro Observers,Vedio Camera,Still Camera,Web casting
29 20-03-2014 Meeting Notice-4 Video Conference to Returning Officers and Asst.Returning Officers
28 18-03-2014 RC.A1/Elections/2014 of DTO Treasury Officials Information
27 18-03-2014 RC.H1 (B)820/2014 of DEO General Election-Budget-Allocation of funds to ARO's and Divisional Officers
26 18-03-2014 RC.H1/825/2014 of DEO Fax to Returning Officers
25 15-03-2014 RC.H1.826/2014 of DEO The Communication of prevailing rates / tariffs on various items being used during elections by the political parties / contesting candidates  
24 15-03-2014 RC.H1.826/2014 of DEO Modified Standard Operating Procedure for FS/SST
23 15-03-2014 RC.H1.951/2014 of DEO Special Campaign day on 16.03.2014  
22 14-03-2014 H1(B) 820/2014 of DEO Allocation of funds from the available funds in Collectorate to the Constituency A.R.Os  
21 13-03-2014 F No.DDIT(Inv)/VJA/Election-2014/13-14 Income Tax Department Appointment of Nodal Officers/Asst.Nodal Officers-General Elections-2014  
20     Assistant Expenditure Observer Govt CUG SIM Nos
19     RO & AROs Election Books Distribution Chart  
18 11-03-2014 DEO  Meeting Notice No-2
17 10-03-2014 DEO  Meeting Notice No-1: Meeting with Political Parties on Model Code of Conduct & General Elections, 2014
16 06-03-2014 RC .H1./592/2014 of DEO Revised- Constitution of Video Surveillance Team
15 06-03-2014 RC .H1./592/2014 of DEO Revised- Constitution of Static Surveillance Team
14 06-03-2014 RC.H1./592./2014 of DEO Revised- Constitution of Flying Squads
13 06-03-2014 RC.H1./592./2014 of DEO Revised- Constitution of Video Viewing Teams  
12 06-03-2014 RC.H1./592./2014 of DEO Revised- Constitution of Accounting Team  
11 05-03-2014 Rc.H1/969/2013 of DEO Work distribution among the staff members of the Collectorate 
10 05-03-2014 No.3/1/2014/SDR-Vol-III of ECI Conduct of Elections (Amendment) Rules, 2014- Amendment of Rule 90 of Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 –Increase in maximum limit of election expenses-regarding.
9 05-03-2014 Rc.H1.618/2014 of DEO Appointment of Mandal Level Officers for Model Code of Conduct  
8 05-03-2014   Polling Station wise voters Strength  
7 05-03-2014 1057/Elecs.F/2013-29 of DEO Appointment of R.Os and A.R.Os   
6 05-03-2014 ECI/PN/10/2014 GE-2014 Download SCHEDULE(with maps) 
5 05-03-2014 ECI/PN/10/2014 GE-2014 SCHEDULE  
4 05-03-2014 Rc.H1.587/2014 of DEO Appointment of Nodal Officers   
3 05-03-2014 Rc.H1.592/2014 of DEO Constitution of Media Certification and Monitoring Committee  
2 05-03-2014 Rc.H1./618/2014 of DEO Revised- Appointment of Assembly Constituency Wise Special Officers for Implementation of Model Code of Conduct.   
1 02-03-2014 Rc.H1.592/2014 of DEO Appointment of Assistant Expenditure Observers